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If you are faced with criminal charges, choosing an experienced and respectful lawyer to represent you is essential to maximising your odds of achieving the best outcome. WIlliams Hunt & Bett draw on extensive knowledge and legal expertise to advise and represent you.


Criminal Law Services

It is important to get advice early if you have been or are to be charged with Criminal offences, so you are aware of your options.


The team at Williams Hunt Bett can assist you with:

+ Assault;

+ Committal Hearings;

+ Diversion matters;

+ Drink driving and traffic matters;

+ Drug offences​;

+ Intervention Order breaches

+ Property offences

+ Theft.

We can act and advise you on applying for or defending a Family Violence or Personal Safety Order (Apprehend Violence Order).


For offences requiring appearances for all Criminal matters, Williams Hunt & Bett can provide advice and representation in a timely and cost-effective manner.


We listen to you, take your instructions, liaise with Police and Prosecutors and Police Informants, and walk with you every step of the way - including appearing on your behalf.

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Williams Hunt & Bett are here to help...

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