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Putting Your Interests First


Best Advice


While we know that disputes will sometimes arise, we recognise that litigation is not always the most appropriate way to deal with resolving the dispute. Williams Hunt & Bett will always seek to serve the interests of our clients and achieve your objectives by giving you the best advice on how to deal with your dispute effectively.


Where suitable, we look at alternatives to litigation. Williams Hunt & Bett can help you achieve settlement of your matter through the alternative dispute resolution process.


It is important to get advice early if you are pursuing or defending a claim. If litigation cannot be avoided, then Williams Hunt & Bett have an experienced team of litigation lawyers to help you.

Litigation can be as scary as it can be costly. It is important to have clear advice on what it may mean for you, including knowing what the process might look like and what options are available to you.


Dispute  Services

Williams Hunt & Bett can assist you with a range of disputes and litigation including:

+ Contractual Disputes;

+ Commercial Disputes;

+ Estate Disputes & Litigation;

Neighbourhood disputes;

+ Employment disputes;

+ Building and construction disputes;

+ Bullying and harassment disputes;

+ Consumer disputes;

+ Disputes with the Government or Council;

+ Environmental disputes;

+ Planning disputes; and

+ All types of insurance claims.


Managing and resolving disputes through an alternative dispute resolution process can avoid what can be a very expensive and destructive court proceeding.


Getting your succession plan right should be at the top of the family priority list. Leaving a good legacy for the next generation really does make a huge difference. We often see the results of succession planning gone wrong where the parties end up in an expensive and often destructive litigation process. Having said that often there are genuine causes for complaint and once again, it is important to get advice early.

See also our Wills, Powers of Attorney & Probate section.


There are legal factors that need to be taken into account when you are seeking compensation such as pre-existing injuries, extenuating circumstances or contributory negligence from another party.


If you think that you have a claim it is vital that you obtain a clear understanding of your legal position before you start. Remember if you are unsure as to your legal rights do not sign anything until you have had legal advice.


Contact Williams Hunt & Bett today to find out more or arrange a consultation.

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