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Understanding Liquor Laws


Venues & Events


There are stringent laws in place in regard to the service of alcohol and liquor licenses. Make sure you get the right advice. Whether you are a Club organising public functions for entry or entering into a contract to purchase or lease licensed premises, we can help you navigate your way through.


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Liquor License Services

Williams Hunt & Bett can provide advice for those seeking or managing liquor licenses, including:

+ Advice on restaurant, catering and nightclub liquor licensing law;

+ Applying for or transferring liquor licenses;

+ Advice on handling offences under the Liquor Act;

+ Advice on managing the risks involved in being a licensee, including occupational health and safety concerns, public liability concerns and what to expect from Workers Compensation claims;

+ Help with legislation on Responsible Service of Alcohol.

Contact Williams Hunt & Bett to find out more or arrange a consultation.

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