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Williams Hunt & Bett Lawyers are committed to providing informative and transparent legal services. We answer frequently asked questions below. If you have another query, do not hesitate to contact us.

I'm looking to buy a business and I'm not sure of the legal requirements? Can you help?

Yes! Williams Hunt & Bett Lawyers specialise in assisting clients with the purchase of small and large business. There are significant issues to address and we can assist you to manage this process from start to settlement.

Where do you offer your legal services?

Williams Hunt & Bett Lawyers offer legal services in the High Country of Northeast of Victoria with offices in Mansfield, Yea and Alexandra. You can view our locations and contact details here >

Do you offer conveyancing services?

Yes! Williams Hunt & Bett have been trusted with conveyancing for nearly 50 years. We service each of residential, farming and commercial property sales.

Can you help with criminal matters such as drink driving offences?

Williams Hunt Bett can represent you in all criminal matters including driving and traffic offfences. We can also advice on intervention orders.

I have a dispute with a neighbour. Is litigation the best path?

While we know that disputes will sometimes arise we recognise that litigation is not always the most appropriate way to deal with a situation. Williams Hunt & Bett Lawyers will always seek to serve the interests of our clients and achieve your objectives by giving you the best advice on how to deal with your dispute in the most effective manner. If suitable as an alternative to litigation, we can arrange settlement of your matter through negotiation or mediation.

Do you offer services in divorce and family law?

Yes. Family law matters can be the most personal and emotional area of law to deal with. Williams Hunt & Bett Lawyers can provide the understanding and expertise required to assist you through this complicated area of law. Whether you are married, in a de facto or other relationship, Williams Hunt Bett can advise on all areas of family law including: + Prenuptial agreements; + Divorce + Property division and settlements; + Living arrangements and care of children; + Spousal maintenance; + Binding Financial Agreements + Court representation.

I'm looking to buy a licensed cafe? Is there anything I should know?

Yes! There are stringent laws in place in regard to the service of alcohol and liquor licenses. Make sure you get the right advice before you begin. We can provide advice for those seeking or managing liquor licenses, including: + Advice on restaurant, catering and nightclub liquor licensing law; + Obtaining or transferring liquor licenses; + Advice on handling offences under the Liquor Act; + Advice on managing the risks involved in being a licensee, including occupational health and safety concerns, public liability concerns and what to expect from Workers Compensation claims; + Help with legislation on Responsible Service of Alcohol.

I need to get my affairs in order. How do I go about this?

It is essential to have Powers of Attorney in place to authorise trusted relatives or friends to deal with your financial, personal and medical affairs in the event of an illness or accident rendering you unable to make these important decisions. You also need a valid Will in place to ensure your wishes for your estate are carried out in the event of unexpected death. There may be important tax and superannuation issues you need to consider when making a Will and we can assist you with this. We also apply for a Grant of Probate of a Will following death. This authorises your Executors to deal with you assets and liabilities and distribute the proceeds of your Estate among your beneficiaries. Williams Hunt & Bett Lawyers manage these matters on a daily basis with compassion and experience. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced staff to discuss any estate planning matters.

Can you visit me at my home or office?

We understand that life is busy, so we are available to see our clients at any of our three offices which are conveniently located in Mansfield, Yea and Alexandra. We can visit you in your home or office upon request.

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